Create HDR image

The Script HDR Image can be used bring out more details in galaxy cores brighter nebula regions.

Select the Target View with the image to be processed. The number of HDR Layers selects the number of wavelet layers. A smaller number will affect smaller details and a higher number will only affect larger details. For most cases select 6 or 7, less layers tend to look less natural. 

With HDR Blend you can select how much of the created HDR image will be included into the final result, common values are between 0.2 (20%) and 0.5 (50%). 

Check „Protect colors“ to create better colors in the HDR regions, but you should select this option when you found a good HDR Blend value.  If you don’t check „Protect colors“ the default color protection from the „HDRMultiscaleTransform“ process will be used (if you would have checked protect hue).  

With „Replace Image“ the target view will be replaced with the final result, otherwise a new image will be created.  

Hint: You should use the „Large-sized Preview“ mode to see all details for creating an HDR image. Start with a low resolution preview (default) to adjust your settings with optimal performance, then switch to a „Large-sized Preview“ mode to fine-tune your image using the preview. 

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