Andromeda-Galaxy M31 with 80x 1 minute exposures using a telezoom lens on an equatorial mount.
Orion nebula and running man 79x 20s exposures using 80/600 telescope, unguided.
Horsehead nebula and flaming star nebula 43x180s guided.

18 Nov 2020

80 Lights with 1 Minute exposure 

205 mm Telezoom objective f/5.6

Canon EOS 700D unmodified piggybacked on my 

equatorial-mounted 80/600 telescope.

Processed with Siril and Affinity Photo

I always have a hard time to meet the correct focus, 

so decided to take images through my telescope next time.

10 Jan 2021

79 Lights (from 180 taken) with  20s exposure 

80/600 Telescope, unguided

Canon EOS 700D unmodified

Processed with Siril and Affinity Photo

Much easier to find the focus, however without auto guiding the exposure limitation is not satisfying. 

Also the running man and a lot of details are not reddish. Would be nice to have a astromodified camera. 

05 Mar 2021

43 Lights with 180s exposure 

80/600 Telescope with Autoguiding

Canon EOS 700D astro-modified

using Astronomik CLS filter.

Processed with Siril and Affinity Photo.

Autoguiding works fine. But long exposures are not possible without the use of light pollution filters. Unfortunatly, I only have the Astronomik CLS which is not indented for being used with an astromodified camera (without IR blocking filter). The star colors are not perfect and the entire image could have a longer exposure time.   

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